Protection Of Personal Data

Protection Of Personal Data

According to the Law on Protection of Personal Data no. 6698 (“KVKK”), the data processing means that your personal data and information will be recorded, kept, and may be disclosed/transferred to third parties, or be classified, and be processed as otherwise as specified in KVKK, if and to the extent permitted by the applicable laws.

Why Do We Use Your Personal Data?

Your personal data will be processed for recording identity, address, and other required information for the sake of determination of information of the transaction owner;

Provide relevant products according to your requests,

To share information via your contact information you have provided.

Your personal data may be transferred to the governmental authorities when requested and to our third-party associates.

Your personal data may be collected verbally or in writing on this website.

You have the right to apply to us and

(a) to learn whether your personal data and information are processed or not,

(b) To request information regarding third parties in Turkey or abroad countries,

(c) If your data are underprocessed or misprocessed, to demand a correction,

(d) To demand deletion/destruction of such data under the conditions specified in Article 7 of KVKK,

(e) to request notification of transactions effected pursuant to subparagraphs (c) and (d) hereinabove to persons to whom the data are transferred,

(f) if you incur damages due to the processing of your data in violation of the laws, demand indemnification of your damages.

Your application shall be finalized within 30 (thirty) days according to the qualification of your request.

Your personal data shall be kept for 1 year in our systems.